Saturday, December 03, 2005

Football Buzz

Georgia Tech will appeal NCAA penalties, as expected...... The bowl picture is shaping up, and here are the most likely possibilities.

1. If UGAg beats LSU for the SEC Championship, then the most likely Peach Bowl match-up would be LSU/Georgia Tech. How about that for a possible match-up? There is an outside shot it could be Alabama in the Peach, but that's an outside shot.

2. If LSU wins, then the Peach Bowl would most likely match-up UGAg & Clemson. In that case, GT would probably have to fight with FSU and BC between Boise, SanFran and Nashville. Sorry folks, but if having the Dawgs win gets us a trip to the Peach Bowl and keeps us from going west, then so be it. Call it rooting against LSU instead of rooting for the Dawgs. Call it what you want, but I want to stay east.