Thursday, October 27, 2005

What's Buzzin' for Thursday

A few more quick takes.

Make sure to head here and read a bunch of links, prep diaries, etc, from Thad Young, including links to his own upcoming website. Also note the selection criteria he laid out in the beginning of the process........... Also worth mentioning the impact Javaris Crittenton. Remember that JC took Thaddeus to a high school football game the Friday night he was here - just the two of them together.............. Gregg Doyel has a nice compliment for Georgia Tech. After talking about all the sickening stuff during Thaddeus Young's recruitment, he came to the conclusion it was never him, but always the people around him ruining his image. Here's what he said:

But if you ask me, Young's college choice -- Georgia Tech -- suggests that, at
the end of the day, this is indeed a fine young man who is not going to allow
those around him to make his choices. Young's inner circle was pushing him to
Arkansas. Young himself initially wanted to play for North Carolina, but a
personality conflict with UNC recruit Brandan Wright made that impossible. No
way were they going to attend the same school. So Young chose Georgia
Tech, where he'll probably pull a Chris Bosh and leave for the NBA after his
freshman season.

And how about this from the AD at Thad's high schoo. This was an open letter to Georgia Tech fans:

Let me start off by stating you are getting a fine young man. This process has been very hard on Thad to the point where he had to hide out for a day.

I have been blessed with the privilege of knowing Thad sine his fourth grade year when he move to Memphis from New Orleans. The first time Thad came to the Andre Turner camp he could hardly make a lay up. By the end of the week he was making them with ease. I am blessed to serve as his athletic director and his Pastor. If Thaddeus never plays one minute of basketball during his time there you will still be blessed to have him at your university. He is active in Sunday school, youth bible study, and the youth choir. His passion for knowledge separates him form most star athletes. Coach Hewitt worked very hard on Thad. Out of all the head coaches he was the most. Visible. He will make your university very proud and be a good citizen for Atlanta. He is looking forward to the challenge of continuing his education and fulfilling one of his dreams of playing major college basketball.

Consider yourself blessed and enjoy the presence of a fine young man.

Henry Baskin
AD Mitchell High School, Sr. Pastor New Galilee Baptist Church.

Children don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Jarrett Jack is coming along nicely. His latest outing he helped take control of a game and bring the Blazers to victory:

The Blazers (2-4) had a 10-point lead early in the third quarter, but it lasted less than five minutes. Then Jack, the rookie out of Georgia Tech, took control, scoring nine points in the final three minutes of the third to turn a 63-62 deficit into a 78-70 lead entering the fourth.

Jack finished with 13 points and four assists in 18 minutes off the bench and gained the ultimate compliment from McMillan by finishing the game on the court.

"It was a nice job by the young fella," McMillan said. "He did a nice job of coming in and making plays by executing the offense. That second unit made runs while he was in the game."

Meanwhile, there will be MANY Point Guard questions in the ACC, not just with the Jackets.

"When things go wrong, at least for me, the tendency is to go to the point guard and ask what's going on out there," said Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt, who replaces Jack with sophomore Zam Fredrick. "The point guard and I, we take ownership."

Want to know a little about Coach Hewitt's dress code for the team - read here. ................ Here's info on Hoopfest. Be there or be a geometric shape............................ Lastly, the Sacramento Kings have to cut ONE more roster spot and Luke Schenscher is one of two guys that could get cut. Will they go with a more proven guy with less upside or a younger guy that has higher potential but might not contibute soon? We'll know on Friday.

The Jackets are trying to shore up kickoff coverage by adding Chris Reis to the mix. He's not a wedgebuster, but he's there to help preven the young guys from getting into trouble.............. Did you know that Chan Gailey's favorite Halloween costume was dressing as a Cowboy? It's true, and he even got to do it as an adult for a couple of seasons.

Troy Matteson is the top money winner on the Nationwide Tour this season. He will end this week with his PGA Tour card in hand. CONGRATS!!!!

Did you know you could get a liscenced Georgia Tech casket? That's right - the ultimate fan burial. Evidently they just lost liscensing rights to UGAg:

For his part, Walston considers the loss of Georgia’s licensing rights an “unfortunate thing.”

“We buried some very prominent alumni,” Walston said, giving the former mayor of Ellijay and a past president of the UGA Touchdown Club as examples.

“We certainly want to continue to represent the University in the future,” Walston said, adding that Georgia Tech was still his client, though less popular.