Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Football Recruiting

Aaaahhhaaaa!!! I think I found out why people think Chan Gailey has a weakness in recruiting - he doesn't know how to use text messaging:

Technology's web

Tommy Bowden from Clemson and Chuck Amato from N.C. State said Wednesday on an ACC coaches' teleconference that they use their cellphones to text-message recruits, but they were in the minority among their ACC colleagues.

"I wouldn't know how to do that in a million years," Georgia Tech's Chan Gailey said.

I'm kidding of course. However, not to be negative, but using today's technology certainly is important in order to increase the number of communication channels with recruits. And remember, NCAA rules regulate phone calls, but NOT text messaging (at least that's my understanding). That's why coaches are using it more and more. I sure hope the assistant coaches know how to use it.