Monday, October 10, 2005

Quote of the Day

Ok, so John Bunting's Tarheels get plasted by Louisville 69-14. What on earth do you say as a coach? How about this:

"I was looking at the scoreboard all night. You can really get mesmerized by that thing. It goes on and the fireworks continue to go off. I thought at one point they might run out of fireworks. That’s a big number and basically I'm just numb at this point."

Now that's funny. You know, I am starting to like that guy a bit................

Meanwhile, Tommy Bowden had more to say about our Thursday night game:

What was your thoughts after watching N.C. State/Georgia Tech game last Thursday night?Bowden: Tremendous amount of patience on Georgia Tech's part with how N.C. State plays defensively. You have to be patient and eventually you try to hit one. That's kind of how that game went. That was one thing; the other was the big plays N.C. State had. They hit that one post (pattern).

Incredible insight - that NCST post pass was important. Brilliant. Maybe junior stands on his own after all.............