Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why didn't I think of that

Did you see the recent announcement that the ladies softball team will begin an annual alumni game pitting former players against the current squad. Reading this I had one of those "duhh" moments.............. It is so obvious ..............

This is a brilliant idea and we need to begin the process of scheduling the same thing in the other sports. Do you hear me Mr.Radakovich? How cool would an alumni football game be? Who wouldn't want to see Ken Whisenhunt get speared by Philip Wheeler? What about Ted Roof trying to get to Taylor Bennett in the backfield? Of course, Keith Brooking could come back and kick everyone's tail. We could stock plenty of BenGay and walkers on the sidelines. To make it really authentic, we could make the old guys wear the throwback helmets.

After thinking this through pretty carefully, I just don't see a downside.