Thursday, August 02, 2007

What's Buzzin' August 2, 2007

The world lost a couple of prominent sports figures this week. First was the unexpected passing of Wake Forest hoops head man Skip Prosser. Incredibly sad and certainly Jacket nation sends our prayers. An unfortunate side-effect is the question-mark for recruiting followers who are interested in what this means for Al Farqouq Aminu, who recently committed to WF. Even though SI.COM just did a story saying they are still committed until a new coach is named and they have a chance to talk to him, my advice to you is this - don't worry about it. Just let the young man deal with his grief and cope with how his world has just changed. If he wants to stay, great for him. If he wants to change his mind - everyone will understand. Just don't ask and just let the young man alone. If he wants to make something public, he will.

Aminu, who said he had just begun to forge a strong relationship with Prosser, called the coach's death "heartbreaking." With Parker's help, he and Woods penned sympathy cards for Prosser's wife, Nancy.

"I committed to Wake Forest. I'm going to sit down with the new coach, when he's hired, and see how it is. If everything goes well, I'm staying." Those comments would seem to provide the Deacons with further incentive to follow the most popular plan of action amongst Wake fans: elevating one of the Prosser assistants who helped recruit the Big Three. Aminu said he'd be excited if his main recruiter, Kelsey, were promoted, even though Kelsey has not been mentioned as a realistic candidate for the job.
The second significant loss in the sports world was Bill Walsh. Now, you have to understand some of my background to understand the significance of the 49ers in my life. I moved to Walnut Creek California back in 1980. I was in 6th grade and got in on the big start of what would become the dynasty of the 80's and beyond. I was swept up right from year one, and it was those early years of the 49er success and "Billy Ball" at the Oakland A's and the Atlanta Braves on TBS that fueled my passion for sports. It was the springboard for where sports fits into my life. My wife is probably rolling her eyes, but there it is.

Walsh really was a genious and probably spawned a larger family tree of successful coaches down through more than one generation than any other coach in history.

Wow, Tuesday night Tex arrives, they flash a video feed of him in the clubhouse the crowd gives him a standing ovation, then on his first night in the line-up he goes deep and the Braves win. This could be fun my friends. This could be fun.

“I hope the fans are ready for a great pennant race,” said Teixeira, a switch-hitting slugger acquired from Texas in a major trade Tuesday. “I know I am.”
Now, there is typically a yin-to-the-yang, as you can see with Ranger fans, who aren't upset to see him go.

Could be something. Could be nothing. But there's nothing like a good ole scandal to dampen enthusiasm for the impending fall season.
"I've had a few curtain calls in my career and the fans tell you," said Teixeira, who was acquired from the Rangers on Tuesday. "After the at-bat, if they're still cheering and they're still yelling, they want you to do it. It was fun going out there."