Friday, August 03, 2007

Football - Bring it on Baby

Folks, as most of you know, today is day #1 of fall practice. The boys over at the AJC are live-blogging the event - make sure the read the comments for more Knobler / Winklejohn commentary. Some early notes:

  • The only guy being limited seems to Michael Johnson, although Logan Walls (broken leg last spring), spent some time on "the beach", where the limited players workout while the others practice.
  • 12 new walk-ons added to the roster last night
  • Jerrard Tarrant, one of the new freshman, spent some time fielding punts, joining James Johnson, Andrew Smith, Pat Clark, Tyler Evans
  • Mark Schlabach of is on hand watching. By the way, he is a UGAg grad.
  • From Knobler - "Calvin’s gone, but Tech still has tall receivers. Newcomers D.J. Donley (6-4) and Willie White (6-3) are every bit of their listed heights. White is rail thin. He’s going to need to beef up a bit."
  • IN 11-on-11, Bowen worked ahead of Barnes for the 3rd LB spot
  • Chan Gailey on Tashard Choice yesterday at the media event: "I don't know what a Heisman season looks like but Tashard has a chance to have an outstanding season. The guy led the ACC in rushing last season (1,473 yards) but not a lot of people know that. And he may have to carry the load for a while as we figure out exactly what Taylor will be able to do."
  • Here's some video from a Coach Gailey interview with Tony Barnhardt
  • D.J. Donley and Willie White are starting out at WR
  • Calvin Booker is getting the 2nd team QB snaps
  • Nice article on Nick Claytor, who is ready to strap it on.
  • Philip Wheeler is ready as well. Check out this quote from Guyton: "He's definitely our leader," teammate Gary Guyton said. "You watch him fly around and wreak havoc, and you want to do the same thing. We have other leaders, but we will all follow him."
  • The coaches poll is out and the Jackets clock in at #27. In case you're curious why Duke got a vote, Steve Spurrier casts his first week vote every season for Duke.
  • Don't ask me what is thinking (see insert below), but they have glasses that are even more gold colored than my own. They think the Jackets are the #10 team in the nation. While I think Tech has every chance to be a top 10, they have to prove it on the team.

10. Georgia Tech
- Georgia Tech | Offense Preview | Defense
| Depth Chart
Why Georgia Tech should be No. 1: Had Calvin Johnson foolishly decided to come back for his senior year, Georgia Tech probably would've been our sleeper choice to play USC for the national title. There might not be a better set of lines in the country, and everything will revolve around them. RB Tashard Choice is an elite runner who'll have plenty of room to run, while QB Taylor Bennett will be an upgrade over Reggie Ball. Just about everyone returns to a stellar defense, led by LB Philip Wheeler, and a top-notch safety tandem of Jamal Lewis and Djay Jones.
Why Georgia Tech isn't No. 1: James Johnson might be a nice receiver, but he's not Calvin Johnson. Losing CJ will hurt the most, but losing offensive coordinator Patrick Nix to Miami will also sting. The depth is thin at linebacker and the corners aren't necessarily special. Tech's biggest problem has always been game-in-and-game-out consistency, and this year won't be any different. You know the total clunker is coming, you just don't know when (possibly at Maryland).
Relative Strengths: Offensive Line, Defensive Line
Relative Weaknesses:
Wide Receiver, Secondary