Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sagarin Rankings - Final Football

So for the 2nd year in a row, Jeff Sagarin's ranking system puts the ACC as the #1 football conference in the country. Last year the ACC was #1, even without Miami and VaTech. The ACC keeps the top spot with the added power. The "powerful" SEC comes in #6. That's right - #6. Obviously this is a measure of true top-to-bottom strength, which looks to only get stronger in the future. EVERYONE seems to be getting in the ACC, even Duke. Folks, Ted Roof is looking a potentially a better recruiting class than a LOT of other ACC schools this year, including possibly GT.

By the way, Georgia Tech finished 25th in the final Sagarin Ranking from a team standpoint.

In addition, Pat Forde over at ESPN actually has a pre-season top 25 for next year. Guess what - the Jackets check in at #24:

Why: Plenty of players back from the Champs Sports Bowl champions, including almost the entire defense.

Why not: In three years under Chan Gailey, Tech has not been able to push past "decent" and into "good."