Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Elder out - time to pick up the slack

Time for Will Bynum and the frosh to pick up the slack - story here.

"He probably won't be back until Virginia Tech," Tech coach Paul Hewitt said. "If he comes back earlier than that, it would be a bonus. But in my mind, I'm operating as if it's going to be January 22."

Here's more on Elder's injury and the games he will miss.

It is also becoming a little more clear the type of personality that Anthony Morrow has, and folks, it's confident and bordering on maybe cocky. I say maybe because he has appeared nothing but humble and attentive early in the season. Of course that will happen when you are humbled. But he is starting to gain major confidence. Check out his quote:

"I always saw it as like, I was just playing," Morrow said. "When it was time for a big shot, I always wanted to be the person to take it, no matter what it was. All throughout high school, I took the big shots. I don't know where it came from. I don't even think about it. When the opportunity comes, I just take advantage of it."

And if he talks about it afterward — as he is known to do — his teammates don't mind.

"As long as he's making shots," said junior point guard Jarrett Jack, "I don't care what he does."

You know what, a little cockiness is a good thing. Ok, maybe it's needs to be tempered with a freshman on a team full of seniors, but that is a kernel of leadership that we could be seeing in the years to come.