Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Recruiting Update: Where our hoops recruiting class stacks up...

Recruiting "expert" Dave Telep has ranked to top classes so far - GT comes in at #17 (minus Randolph Morris of course).

Bill Hodge, another "expert" has us at #15.

Bob Gibbons has us at #6 Van Coleman has us at #7 (same link as Gibbons).

Why the disparity?? It comes down to the rankings of the individual players. Telep does not even have Jeremis Smith in his top 100, while other services have him at #41 and #55. Most of the services have Zam in the top 90, but a couple don't have him in the top 100.

No doubt if Morris signs, we should be close to everyone's top 5, not that any of this really means anything. What will matter is how they do on the court. That will just have to wait until next year.

By the way, Telep has 6 ACC teams in the top 25 for recruiting classes. The Big Who????