Friday, November 21, 2003

Lukewarm last night

Like I said after the ULL game, it isn't fair to pile on this guy since we haven't been in a clutch situation where we needed a basket, rebound, etc. that a good center can get you late in the game. Still, Luke Schenscher makes me wonder about the gaping hole that he leaves in the middle on defense and scoring. This from the AJC today:

"Tech's Luke Schenscher is 7-1 but didn't get much out of his five-inch height advantage. Schenscher missed three of his four shots and finished with two fouls, four rebounds, two points and three turnovers. Hofstra center Wendell Gibson had 19 points on 5-for-7 shooting.

"I think he just might be pressing," Hewitt said of Schenscher."

That's exactly what I was talking about below--even though Schenscher is taller, you have to discount him from your matchups since his aggressiveness either isn't there or hasn't been sparked. What good is a 7-1 guy who gets outrebounded by the point guard in two straight games?

Let's hope that Hewitt is right about him pressing. It's frustrating to watch/hear him get played by other, shorter and smaller, centers on subpar teams.

By the way, remember where you heard it first--Hewitt may be on the way to a coach of the year award in the ACC if he doesn't watch out. Expectations are probably WAY below reality and (I hope) he gets the credit since he's taken the heat for the past two years. Hewitt built this team and with the exception of big Luke (can C. Moore compensate?), I like what I see.

Go Jackets in upstate! Beat Cornell!