Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Luke no Skywalker

I, for one, was not in Quebec during the game last night, and rather than break it down as Scott did, I want to provide a little more fuel for the fire: Luke Schenscher played scared last night and he will have to take on far tougher assignments than the Ragin' Cajuns.

What bothered me most during the game was not the stats, but the fact that he was:

1) Out of position for many rebounds, that were quickly snatched up by Elder, Jack, Muhammad, etc.

2) Passive and slow on defense, watching Cameron pivot around him for easy layups several times. Since the Cajuns were out of the game early, they didn't go to Cameron that much, but he was eating Luke's lunch and could have scored 20+ against him. What will Danelius do to him when we play Wake?

3) Unaggressive when he had the ball under the basket, electing to dribble (and lose it) rather than take it to the hole, even for a layup. If you can't get rebounds, Luke, at least provide some offensive production or get the other guy into foul trouble.

Besides that, dude has some annoying 'fro and chin hair that makes him look like the playa that he ain't. Luke: go to the barber on tenth street and he'll hook you up for 5 dollas. Read my lips--you (and I, by the way) are W-H-I-T-E, dude. Both on and off court.

This is what I'm afraid of: that this guy is incapable of playing center in the ACC because of his lack of aggressiveness and that we'll get eaten alive in the middle this year. Will we be running and gunning in every game because we can't go down low? What happens when we play a real team with height that can contest rebounds under the basket?

I thought Muhammad was great--he's my favorite player now. The heck with ESPN if they'd rather televise the "breaking" championships on ESPN2 than our game're missing a good team, guys.

Go Jackets, take down Hofstra!