Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hoops updates

Well, this guy may have gotten his journalism degree from GaTech. He misspells player names, gets stats wrong (like Jack was 2nd in the nation in assists????). "I ain't be no english major". Click here for story.

In other news, Hewitt has been named to best dressed coach in the ACC by The story mentions that Hewitt was tabbed the "unluckiest man in the ACC" by Street and Smith in their preview edition. That is absolutely correct. This was a good story about Hewitt. KEEP THE FAITH - THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

Want a little proof of Hewitt's bad luck that you might not have known about? You know about Bosh, Nelson leaving, injuries,etc. How about this - see this article. Check out this paragraph:

Of great concern to coaches since its institution is the NCAA's "five-eight rule," which allows a school to give out no more than five scholarships in one year and no more than eight in two years. The rule was created to keep coaches from running off players they don't want and replacing them without repercussions. But there have been several cases where coaches trying to adhere to the spirit of the rule were not allowed exceptions for extraordinary circumstances. Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt faced such a situation two years ago when one of his players, Michael Isenhour, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and left basketball. Because of the rule, Hewitt was not allowed to recruit a player to take Isenhour's place on the team.

Do you know the punchline of this story??? RamblinRed on one of the boards said that they player we were trying to sign but could NOT because of this rule was - get this - Emeka Okafor!!! That's right - the pre-season #1 player in the country. Hewitt actually had 7 available scholarships his first year, but could only sign 5. He tried to get an exception for a 6th (because of the Isenhour situation) but was denied. Now tell me how lucky THAT is???