Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Football notes

Well, Reuben Houston is getting offensive stars in his eyes. Didn't realize this guy was such an offensive talent in high school. Considering our weakness and depth at wide receiver might be an interesting addition. However, as Gailey brings also D.Bilbo, not sure he wants another project. But if there seems to be some who has a good feel for players and their ability to switch positions, it's Chan Gailey.

ABC is stalling its announcement on the GT / UGA time next Saturday (1:00pm or 8:00pm). It appears they will make their decision based on the results of our UVA game and UGA's game against KY. If we both win, bet that it will be a night game. Personally, to me there is nothing like a Sat night game for atmosphere and emotion.

Do you know the last time GT beat UVA on the road??? Try 1990, in the storied battle won on the foot of Scott Sisson 41-38 en-route to our National Championship. That's a long dang time!!!! Time to end the streak boys. Make no mistake - the defense needs to show up AGAIN!! Schaub is a playmaker, and UVA is like a wounded dog, losing 4 of the last 5. I have two words - "DUKE" and "CLEMSON". Ok team, get what I'm saying here????

Vikings play the Lions this weekend and there is a connection. Vikings’ defensive coordinator/defensive line coach George O’Leary and Lions’ special teams coach Chuck Priefer coached together at Georgia Tech from 1987-91 and with the San Diego Chargers from 1992-93