Friday, November 07, 2003

Caught "GT Sports Today" - recap with Chan Gailey

Worked at home today and caught the 30 minute show at lunch. Here is a re-cap of today's show.

Gailey is really hoping his team is mature enough to handle being favored on the road. We have some seniors that should help, but there are youngers players that need to learn what it is like to play at a high level every week. Ted Roof will definitely have this team ready versus his alma mater. Duke is a "good" team that leads the ACC in time of possesion because they can rush effectively. Rushed for about 180 yards against Tenn. Wes said that many are worried about this Duke team. Chan's response - "they should be. They are a good team. They may not have a good record but they are a good team.".

Did a special profile and Chris Ries. Chan said he does a lot of things for the team that "John Q Public" doesn't know about. Not only on the field but off - he is a good student and a leader on the team. He is also a spiritual leader as well. Just a great ambassedor for Georgia Tech. Actually said he was the first recruit Chan talked to when he got to GT to make sure everything was ok due to the changes. Came to Chan's hotel room with his family. Chris "stepped up and said - this is where I want to be". The interview with Chris focused on "Making Plays" - he said that is their focus. He is very happy with the offense and Reggie Ball - young but a lot of confidence, but the defense has really stepped up this year. Next he talked about a "bigger role". Yes he wants more minutes but he is happy with the situation. Now that the coaches know he can play, they are using him more in packages, blitzing him more and putting him in coverage. Next he talked about special teams - he likes to lead on the field, not with words. He said there are a lot of freshman so he likes to help out. If the guys want to accept him as a leader that's great and if not, that's ok too. Lastly, he talked about the fact that he loves the support he gets from his hometown of Roswell GA. He feels kind of like a hometown hero and he loves it.

Next segment talked about not looking ahead. Wes talked about how things are out on the table in a good way. Chan said we have to take things one game at a time. We are not even bowl eligible so it is premature to talk about bowls. Did say we "control our own destiny".

Next segment was on recruiting. Said he feels very good about the kids they are talking to. He said he is very clear with recruits that Georgia Tech does not run a "football factory". We are one of the top "academic athletic institutions in the country". Also said the re-vamped Bobby Dodd Stadium has already made a difference in recruiting - helped last year and is helping again this year. Also mentioned that bringing Miami and VaTech into the conference is making a difference. The kids know that by winning the ACC in future years, that means they can play for the "whole thing".

Next segment was a breakdown of Duke. Again, focused on their ability to control the ball through running. Said Ted Roof has instituted the wish bone - said Roof probably got frustrated with it from other teams, so he must have decided to put it in also now that he is head coach. They spent some time focusing on their defensive schemes. Said Duke's defense starts with a 4-3, 4 in the line, 3 back and then 4 in coverage. However, one thing Duke does a lot of is shift formations at the line. So to be successful running against Duke, we will have to recognize and adjust to their schemes.

Overall, a good show..........NOW LET'S CRUSH DUKE!!!!!