Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Cajuns are beaten...

Despite the fact that Luke is anything but a "cool hand" and fouls out with 5 minutes to go tonight, and that we turn over the ball 20+ times, the Jacket press and multiple fast breaks are too much for the Ragin' Cajuns, depleted by academic suspension. I pick us to win by 10, and 90-80 sounds about right.

Things that I'll be watching for:

1- [Insert Vitale voice here] "Elevator man! Muhammad takin' it to the HOOP!" We've heard a lot about how Isma'il is being more aggressive in the paint this preseason...take it to the hole early and often, Ismail. We want to see you take at least 16 foul shots tonight. The guys in the middle need to pick up a few fouls and you're the one to make them pay.

2- How many times Dickie V talks about Jarrett Jack. Hopefully, Jarrett gets some exposure tonight since he's been underrated since arriving here last year. He'll probably look sloppy tonight, but he should do enough (15 pts, 15 assists???) to help the team.

3- How quickly does Hewitt insert Moore and what kind of minutes does he give him? I see that he won't start, and I'm sure that he's being brought along slowly to let the other guys who've stuck around get some minutes, but he's a big key to the season, so I hope he gets a chance tonight.

What an unknown tonight's game is! I'm taping it for repeated viewings, for sure.