Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hoops - Dreams..... Faded.....

Jackets lose again today....... this time to Miami........ this time at home...... Hard to say exactly what happened this time. Just that it was something different that failed them today. Seems that the effort and energy were much greater than the Clemson game. However, ball control was clearly lacking as evidenced by something like 22 turnovers. Also, while they held Miami's leading scorer, J.McClinton in check the 1st half, they let him go off in the second half, including dagger-like threes late in the game, after major defensive miscues.

No time for an in-depth analysis, but if you ask me, it just all seems to come down to Point Guard play. Both Javaris Crittenton and Jarrett Jack were in the house tonight to see what happens to teams when they leave early. That wasn't all, but it sure seems to always make the difference in a win vs loss. Causey was decent today, but he played out of control in stretches, and Mo Miller was seeming absent.

Not sure where we head from here. We're finally breaking through for a few road wins, and somehow we are 4-6 at the "Thrillerdome". We're 1-4 against ACC teams at home. Go figure.

Coaching? Who knows. It's easy to knock Coach Hewitt and what he isn't doing. I'm not qualified to really say what he's doing right or wrong. I just know it's been another disappointing season. I wanted more. We all wanted more. we knew it was going to be tough with all the roster turmover. With a 4th PG in 4 years. We knew it was going to be tough.....

........ losing Javaris Crittenton
........ losing Thaddeus Young
........ losing Mario West
........ losing RaSean Dickey
........ losing Mouhammad Faye
........ losing Paco Diaw

But you know what? That's life in the big city. That's the college game. Build a system. Build continuity. Develop depth. Get guys to buy in to what you're doing. That's how you weather the storms of losing key guys.

Well, it was another frustrating day, and most likely the nail in the coffin for any postseason hopes. In case you're curious, Dave Glenn has an interesting statistical look at historic ACC records that get you to the dance. Even making the NIT is tenuous since that requires a winning record. You know, I like the guys on the team. Seem like good guys. They seem to represent the school well. Most importantly, THEY are the ones that chose to be at GT and try their hand here at big-time college hoops. It's frustration to see guys you appreciate not getting it done on the court. I'm sure it's doubly frustrating for them.