Monday, January 07, 2008

Transfers and Decommits, Oh My

Well, the expected rocky road following the firing of our head coach continues.

Well, looks like Geoff Collins continues to pick apart the carcas of anything fleshy when it comes to Georgia Tech. First he leaves for more dough. Then he figures out how to sway that WR recruit kid, what's-his-name. Now, Colin Peek has decided to transfer to Bama and his lawyer dad is filing a hardship appeal to allow him to avoid sitting out a season.

Under NCAA transfer rules, Peek would have to sit out the 2008 season and would have one year of eligibility for Alabama in 2009, however, he plans to file a hardship appeal in order to be eligible in 2008. Peek said he hopes to have the appeal ready "within a month.""It's a unique situation so hopefully that will work out for the best," Peek said.

Honestly, I don't blame him one bit, and hold no hard feelings. Paul Johnson has no real precedent for using tight ends in his triple-option system. In fact, he had none officially on the Navy roster last season. So all the best to Holla McGhee.

DJ Donley is saying all the right things - I'll wait until spring..... it's PJ's team and I'll do what's best..... I'm on board.......... etc.......... However, don't think that story is over yet:

Georgia Tech WR D.J. Donley (6-4 203) is still pondering his future which includes a possible transfer to USC. Donley's mother said Thursday her son is "close to a decision." Donley contacted USC about a transfer shortly after the coaching change and was told the Gamecocks could not talk to him until he received his release. That release has not been granted by new coach Paul Johnson and Donley will have to go thru an appeal to gain his release. Once that is done he is expected to be recruited by the Gamecocks. Donley played this season as a true fresman. If he transfers, he would have to sit out next season and would have three years to play three.

Bottom-line - no matter what you hear from anyone on this - just wait until spring is over to see if he stays. Same goes for just about anyone else. Nothing is 100% right now.

Also, I fully expect Donley to switch over to the defensive side of the ball, which will really test DJ's commitment to GT versus his desire to play a certain position. Also, I don't blame PJ if it's true that he's not granting anyone a release until spring. Smart, prudent move, which should not hurt any of these guy's chances to play elsewhere in time.

Verbal commit DB Rashaad Reid is open again to other suitors. Per

"I'm probably not going to Georgia Tech because of the coaching change," Reid said. "(New coach) Paul Johnson called me and said he still had my scholarship, but I haven't heard from them in a while. I don't even know where they stand anymore.""I'm probably not going to Georgia Tech because of the coaching change," Reid said. "(New coach) Paul Johnson called me and said he still had my scholarship, but I haven't heard from them in a while. I don't even know where they stand anymore."

On one hand, there's this little thing called a "dead period" which would preclude contact Rashaad. On the other hand PJ, there are many legal ways to skin a cat to make sure a guy continues to feel the love when recruiting goes dark..... nudge nudge, wink, wink.

I don't think this one is dead. He could very well still end up a Jacket....... However, don't be surprised by the loss of one or more of the other commits. It's going to happen. Take it to the bank.

Coaches and recruiting staffs are flocking to our recruits and current players like ants to a picnic. While I have zero knowledge of anything underhanded, make no mistake - I would be willing to bet you there were some improper contacts made with our recruits and / or current players.

In the end, it really doesn't matter. We made our own bed........ We are just going to have to weather the storm and make the best of it.

One thing is for sure. Paul Johnson's M.O. with the triple option is being used against him bigtime. I sure hope Giff has devised the right selling point to counter the spin:

But determining what is negative can be difficult. Some coaches might consider certain things negative that others would consider pointing out the facts.

Hicks said he didn't think it would be negative for a recruiter to point out how a specific situation might affect a recruit at a school. He brought up an opposing coach pointing out to a receiver that going to Georgia Tech might not be a great idea with the triple-option offense.

"I think that is something you can say to a recruit that isn't negative," Hicks said. "You are pointing out a fact about what offense they are running."

Georgia Tech has been forced to put out fires related to its coaching change and new head coach Paul Johnson's offensive philosophy.

Dublin offensive lineman Nick McRae committed to Georgia Tech well before the coaching change and has listened to new offers following the firing of Chan Gailey.

For the most part, Dublin head coach Roger Holmes said the recruitment has been clean. He said one assistant coach asked if McRae wanted to ever play in the NFL. McRae said that he would like to, and the assistant said it would never happen in the triple option.

"But Coach Johnson came in and met with Nick, and Nick asked him about that," Holmes said. "(Johnson) said he had a franchise offensive lineman from Navy (Mike Wahle) who starts for the Carolina Panthers. That was about the only real negative we've heard. It's all about doing your homework and finding out what is true and what isn't."

... Sporting News voted Tashard Choice as having the best pre-game speech video here.

The "International Man of Mystery" is transferring too. Oh what could have been. I guess every Superman has their Kryponite.... We wish you the best....

.... or has it been a pretty rotten month to be a Georgia Tech fan?