Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hoops - ACC Strength of Schedule

Interesting info - the Sagarin Strength of Schedule Rankings for each ACC hoops team as of January 24:

6...... Georgia Tech
27.... North Carolina
44.... Virginia Tech
50.... FSU
54.... Duke
64.... Clemson
85.... NC ST
128... Maryland
154... Virginia
168... Boston College
178... Wake Forest
191... Miami

What even more interesting is that ALL the ACC teams have improved their strength of schedule since the strart of ACC season. At one point, GT had a top 15 schedule and there was only one other ACC team in the top 50.

So yes, we're frustrated at being the only ACC team at .500 or lower. However, we've played significantly tougher opponents, and other than a bad loss to Vandy, we went toe-to-toe with all the best opponents (including Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina.

By the way, Georgia Tech opponents have a combined record of 133-33. That includes 4 losses to top 25 teams with a combined record of 86-8.

Side note - GT is #7 in the RPI rankings.