Friday, January 25, 2008

Football - DJ Donley is Gone

DJ Donley has his walking papers from Paul Johnson, and he is not sticking around:

Donley Headed To USC
By Phil Kornblut

ATH D.J. Donley (6-4 203) has been granted his release by Georgia Tech so that he can transfer to USC his former high school coach said Friday. "He requested his release and it took a little longer than anticipated," Charlton County, GA coach Rich McWhorter said. "He got his release for South Carolina and it ran thru the time to enroll. He just came home (to Folkston, GA). I talked to coach Spurrier Jr. and to coach Hunt today and his plans are to be up there in March. He'll go thru spring football and go thru next year as a redshirt. He will have three to get three. He had a really good bowl game and coach Johnson really didn't want him to go. But he is officially released and South Carolina has the paperwork and he'll be arriving in March." Donley strongly considered USC before signing with Tech last February. Donley can play linebacker or receiver.

Of course this goes against his own direct quotes earlier:

"I'm just going to wait and see what happens," Donley said. "Whichever one the coaches want me to play, I'll play. It's [Johnson's] team, and whatever he wants to do, I'm here for him."

"I know (Johnson) talked to all the receivers," freshman receiver D.J. Donley said. "I know he talked to me, J. J. (James Johnson) and Correy Earls for sure. "I just want to see what happens; but I ain't going nowhere."

There was this:

"A lot of people tell me it's just basically running, but then I talked to [Bohannon on the phone] and he told me they adapt to what kind of personnel they have, so it could work out," Donley said. "Everybody, we're just waiting to see what happens. ... The receivers coach told us we really won't know how much they're going to pass the ball until they get down here and they put in their plays and stuff. I think pretty much everybody's going to wait [until spring practice] and see what happens.

"Everybody's telling me this is a run offense, so of course I feel a little worried, me being a receiver. When I talked to the coach, he made me feel a little bit better. I know we're going to run the ball, but we could do some new stuff, too, and open it up more than he has in the past."

I told you multiple times that the Donley thing was not over. Internet speculation is that there were some personal issues. I'm disappointed to see him go, but frankly, whatever his reasons were are his business. I wish him all the success in the world at USC-east. Georgia Tech needs a team full of men who are proud to be at Tech, want to be at Tech, and can hack what it takes to be at Tech. There is no shame in not meeting all those criteria. Do what's best for yourself.

His departure sure hurts, as he appeared to have a bright future on either side of the ball. Oh well. Just the reality of the college sports, particulary when there is regime change.

Buckle up men, because whoever choses to stay is in for a helluva ride!!!