Monday, July 16, 2007

What's Buzzin'

Some random hits from the world of GT:

You knew that Kenny Anderson had been named the head coach of the new ATL Krunk, a CBA team. Did you know that Stephon Marbury's company will be providing all the gear for the team?

Marbury, who earned the nickname "Starbury" as a playground legend in Coney Island, spoke about his kinship with fellow NYC point guard and Georgia Tech alum Kenny Anderson, and what the sponsorship deal means for his Starbury brand. Stephon: "It's a blessing to be part of something that is about to become something big... I am proud of Kenny as he makes his pro coaching debut. He and I share a bond that goes deeper than the Tech connection, and being point guards from New York City."

Added newly named Head Coach Kenny Anderson, "I am humbled by all the love and support that has been pouring in from around the country since the announcement of my hiring. For Steph to do this for our organization, and for me, is huge. Me and my assistants, Vince Smith, and Lamont Moreno, plan to instill the same pride and determination in every player that dons that uniform, that Stephon has shown throughout his entire life.

Luke Schenscher is on the Minnesota T-Wolves summer league roster. Here are his stats (5.4ppg / 5.4 rpg). Still fighting the good fight to make an NBA roster.

Both Javaris Crittenton and Thaddeus Young have signed their first NBA contracts. Both kids have impressed their respective coaches and players with their hustle, attitude, work ethic and aptitude. Both continue to say nice things about their one season at GT, which only helps with prospective recruits. Seems like Laker fans are starting to think Javaris was the steal of the draft. He has had an excellent offensive summer, although he did have a goose egg one game.

"I wasn't very aggressive in college, and I realized this is a grown man's game and I have to be aggressive at all times and stay focused," Thaddues Young said. "That is what I've been doing - staying focused and getting comfortable within the flow of the offense and defense."

Jarrett Jack has been told by Blazer management that they do not intend to trade him and that he was NOT involved in trade rumors. Having said that, they just signed Steve Blake, so the competition to feed Oden and Aldridge is going to be strong. Jack has become his head coach's whipping boy it appears, as he goes through cycles to being tough on him and his play.

Mario West has been invited to try out for the Hawks, although the odds of making the team are slim to none. As you also know, he was "drafted" by the Harlem Globetrotters. Brings new meaning to "Sweet Georgia Brown".

Reggie Ball is still trying to make the Detroit Lions roster as a WR. Don't see it happening, but certainly wish him the best of luck. You know, I feel a little bad for Reggie. He leaves as a 4 year starter with a very small amount of support and allegiance. Some of that was due to his lack of development as a player and the resulting fan frustration. Some of it was due to his general mouthiness on the field, which turned some fans off. Some of it was due to becoming academically ineligible as a senior, letting down his mates and missing the bowl game. Yes, it allowed Bennett to shine, but it also sent a negative signal about an outgoing senior's committment to success and education. All-in-all, Reggie is a good guy and I wish him the best.

So Steven Threet did not leave for a girlfriend, did not leave because of competition, did not leave because of homesickness. He says he left because of the departure of Patrick Nix and Geoff Collins. While I certainly understand the logic that the two guys who recruited you are gone, I don't buy it as 100% of the story. The fact that his local team and parental favorite, Michigan, never offered him a scholly out of high school, but that one became magically available after the transfer of one of their QB's, is no coincidence. My personal feeling is that if Michigan still had no room for Threet, then he is still a Jacket. Sorry, but I do not believe for a second that he decided to transfer THEN started looking around at where to go. Don't buy it for a second. He knew there was a slot available at Michigan and I'm willing to bet there were some contacts determining if that slot could ultimately go to him - prior to withdrawing from Tech. Just too good to be true............................ Having said all that, it doesn't really matter. He's gone and Tech will be fine with the stable of guys we have and the prospects we have to develop like Nesbitt and Renfree.

Speaking of Nesbitt, he is one of the players garnering player raves over the summer. He's a workout freak and has evidently done well in some of the informal drills. Having said that, I re-watched some of his high school film. While the playmaking ability is impressive, I have to say I am not all that impressed with his arm motion or mechanics. However, I am no QB coach so we will just have to see how this translates to the field........ one day. Here's an old but good article on Nesbitt. It will be interesting, because of course most schools wanted him as a DB or LB, not a QB. Sound familiar? Maybe, maybe not. Coach Gailey has talked about using him in a "Tim Tebow" role for the Jackets.

How good is QB Sean Renfree? From the AJC:

How good is Sean Renfree, the Scottsdale, Ariz., player who committed to Georgia Tech after being recruited by Curtis Modkins? "I've seen from Danny White all the way on, and Sean's the best quarterback to come out of the state of Arizona," Notre Dame Prep coach Scot Bemis said, adding that Renfree's decision-making is off the charts. Renfree threw 25 touchdown passes and five interceptions as a junior, Bemis said, and three of those five interceptions deflected off receivers and should have been caught. "He's way ahead of the game mentally," Bemis said. "He's the youngest kid in our senior class. He's only 16 right now." Bemis has experience coaching talented players; he coached Tank Johnson and John Tait, who went on to play for the Chicago Bears, Kenny Wheaton (Dallas Cowboys and Toronto Argonauts) and Jason Kyle (13 NFL seasons). "As a football player, you've got a great one," Bemis said, "and as a person you've got a better one."
Meanwhile, he's been helping recruit other players to the most recent class:

"When I committed to Georgia Tech, I also committed to doing whatever I could to do to help out the team as much as possible," Renfree said. "I want to be around the best players possible, so it was important for me to be there to meet the other players we are recruiting and tell them all the great things about Georgia Tech. I really thought everything went well."

Keith Brooking and Bobby Ross have been inducted into the GT Sports Hall-of-Fame. Congrats!

Here's an interesting story about Matt Rhodes' mom, a high school softball coach, who is taking a new job so she can watch her son's senior football games this season.

“She was offered the position at North Shore, where she will do nothing but softball,” Angleton athletics director Finis Vanover said. “She kept looking at the offer and we met and finally said she had to try it. With her daughter graduating, she now will have an opportunity to go see Matt (Rhodes) at Georgia Tech every week.


Speaking of parents, how about Matt Wieters' dad:

--Richard Wieters. He is currently best known as the father of Matt Wieters, the former Stratford High School and Georgia Tech star last month selected in the first round of the Major League draft by the Baltimore Orioles. But Richard Wieters, as a Citadel pitcher and slugger was a two-time Southern Conference Player of the Year. If you can argue that he was the best player a traditionally good college program has ever produced, he is a Charleston Baseball Hall of Famer.

The Braves still have some reported interested in Mark Teixeira and Mark has some very reported interest in his hometown Orioles. In fact, he shares agent Scott Boros with Matt Wieters and has high hopes that the Orioles will ink Wieters to a deal and that in less than two years he can join him there.