Friday, July 13, 2007

No Tom Brady Here

written by Lennie Mac

One of the things that I noticed is that with the exception of Matthew Stafford, GT lost to very good quarterbacks. Here are the QB ratings for the 5 QB's that beat us last year:

Brady Quinn - 104.4
Will Proctor - 87.0
Matthew Stafford - 62.5
Riley Skinner - 96.9
Patrick White - 103.5

UGA aside, GT lost to teams that had above average QB play, and beat teams with average or inferior QB play. If you look at the upcoming season, there will be:

Notre Dame - 1st time starter
Boston College - Matt Ryan - 84.1
Virginia - Jameel Sewell - 69.6
Clemson - 1st time starter
Maryland - 1st time starter
Miami - Kyle Wright - 79.3
Virginia Tech - Sean Glennon - 76.2
Duke - Thaddeus Lewis - 63.5
North Carolina - 1st time starter
Georgia - Matthew Stafford - 62.5

With the exception of Matt Ryan, you could make the argument that we will face no superior QB's all season. Also keep in mind that all QB's had a passer rating of 66.1 against GT's defense which was 12th out of 66 BCS teams.