Monday, March 14, 2005

Paul Hewitt Call-In Show

I didn't listen, but here's a good re-cap.

Key points:

1. Coach was NOT happy about the Redick call at the end of the Duke game and let it be known. Said he will not forget it for a long time

2. Coach called Gary Williams for the scoop on GW - who beat MD earlier in the season.

3. Lewis Clinch has been hanging with the team the last couple of weeks and is chomping at the bit to get in uniform. Coach had high praise for both Clinch and DeAndre Bell, for their shooting ability.

4. Funniest moment of the day, as relayed by RamblinRed:

FWIW, the best comment might have been made by Wes at the end when he was relaying something Brad Nessler said at the ACC Tournament. during the UNC game Nessler leaned over and said, Hewitt has subsitituted more in this one game than Bobby Cremins did in 19 years.

Wes mentioned that on their stat tracker during the UNC game, GT was credited with over 70 substitutions - as Wes said, "welcome to the Hotel Hewitt, are you checking in or checking out"

In other news Tim Brando has now picked us to go to the Final Four.

Are you the craziest Tech fan? Well, the AA is looking for you!!

Speaking of that terrible JJ Redick call at the end of the game, this link over at UVA board from someone who says they wrote to Dave Braine requesting he contact the league and file a complaint. He claims this was Braine's email response:

Things are in process...maybe it will be made public maybe not...but they(ACC) are aware and are doing something about it...dtb

David T. Braine
Athletic Director
Georgia Tech
150 Bobby Dodd Way NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30332-0455

Here's the problem I have. What exactly would they do? Punish the officials involved? Well what good is that going to do now?