Thursday, March 03, 2005

Paul Hewitt Call-In Show

I wasn't able to listen to much, but evidently he squashed any rumors of Zam Fredrick transferring. Said he's not going anywhere. Said that he was learning the PG spot after playing SG in high school. Good news!!

He also said that D'Andre Bell is a name to watch out for. Said he was a bigtime scorer who can shot from long distance and has a nice mid-range game. Coach Hewitt didn't say this - but for a mental image - think Anthony Morrow with Isma'il's body. Said he was more of a face-up guy and not as talented as someone like Elder with his back to the basket.

In addition, they commented on Alade Aminu. Coach said he would be heading to watch his team (Stephenson) play in the state playoffs after practice (Friday I believe). Said that everytime time he sees him play he is getting better. Runs the floor well, rebounds, blocks shots, and he's fast. He has sprinter's speed and Coach joked that our Track coach might steal him away if we're not careful.

Certainly a lot to look forward to next season.