Monday, March 14, 2005

Media back on GT Bandwagon

Tony Kornheiser picks the Jackets to go to the Final Four. Here's his bracket. Note that he calls us "must see TV"......... Many in the media are jumping back on the GT bandwagon. M.Wilbon has us in the Final Four, as does AJC's Mark Bradley, as does Cold Pizza's Skip Bayless........However, we lost Digger Phelps, who is now jumping on with Louisville.

Here's another guy who has hopped on the GT bandwagon.

Regional Thoughts: I have never been so certain of anything in my life: Georgia Tech will win the region. Actually, I might be more certain that not a single player on any team would be able to actually spell Albuquerque if asked. Anyway, If anyone saw Jarret Jack against Duke yesterday, you know what I'm talking about. Also, B.J. Elder is like 1,000 years old, so he's seen a lot, something that's always useful. This Georgia Tech team is an interesting one: They are experienced yet hungry, injured yet healthy, street yet Euro, they are the Yin and the Yang. I will cry tears of happiness when Jack is cutting down the nets in Albuquerque. EUONYM! E-U-O-N-Y-M!!! AHHH. sorry.

Team I'm Rooting for: Georgia Tech, over and over again.

Player I Expect to make a name for himself: Chris Paul--

as a fugazy, overrated, unclutch, dirty jerk of a player. This leads me to....

Watch out for... Wake vs. Ga. Tech is going to be the best game besides KU vs. UNC. Jarret is going to remind his buddy Chris that there's only room for one guy with a first name-last name in the ACC.