Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who Should Coach Georgia Tech?

Now that the next chapter of Georgia Tech football is soon to be written, I think its important to give Dan Radokovich his full support no matter who he hires. If your disappointed by whoever he picks, I ask that you give at least three years before you pass judgement.
There are many names that will come to light over the next few weeks that I would be very happy to be our head coach. I'm sure we've all put a list together. I think a lot of them will do a great job if asked.

I will credit Coaches Hot Seat for some of the following items. I am going to work at this from backwards to front to find the right man for the job. If I was Dan Radokovich I would work up a list of traits that we wanted in a coach, and then try to find the guy that meets those criteria best.
Necessary Traits of the next Georgia Tech coach:
1. Someone that I have seen in person in my athletic office at either South Carolina or at LSU working 16 hours a day that brings an energy and enthusiasm to his work.

2. Someone who has some head coaching experience and their experience has been eye opening.

3. Understands the tradition of Georgia Tech football and respects its grand history in the game.
4. Understands that Georgia Tech needs to beat UGA on a regular basis, at least 1 out of every 3 years, and is not afraid of that fact.
5. Someone that is not afraid of facing off against Mark Richt in the most important game of the year.
6. Has the confidence to lead one of the great football programs with former great coaches like Heisman, Dodd & Ross.
7. Coaches the type of offense and defense that Georgia Tech is known for, meaning: very tough and line-up and whip the guy in front of you on both sides of the ball.
8. Someone Georgia Tech would be proud to have as their head coach.
With all of the above traits in mind, if I was Dan Radokovich I would hire as the next head football coach at Georgia Tech:

Derek Dooley
Head Football Coach Louisiana Tech