Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Daddy Fat Sacks" has a little somp'in for ya

Another year and another Thursday night game. It's time for that annual ESPN tradition. Opinions differ on the value of this showcase. Bobby Bowden said at one point this year that if you were trying to make a name for yourself it was great, but that if you're an elite team you don't need to be playing on Thursdays. Well, I guess that means Bobby better start contacting ESPN about some future slots.
My personal opinion is that with the competitive landscape of collegiate football, you can't go wrong by having your team be the only game in town across the nation. The ATL skyline at night is certainly unique and Bobby Dodd Stadium offers one-of-a-kind views of the city. It's a great showcase for Georgia Tech and should continue. Yeah, tailgating is a drag and getting home is a drag (especially if you work on Friday), or getting to class is a drag......... but hey, it's only once a season. I went to the Thursday night UVA game last season, made it back to Greenville SC for work the next day. Tired? Yes....... Worth it? Yes.

Did you know that the first ACC ESPN Thursday night game was played on September 19, 1991 between UVA and GT? In that game, Scott Sisson (I was his RA and next door neighbor by the way - Field Dorm first floor), kicked a game-winning 33 yard field goal. Of course we were all used to him kicking game winners by that point. Tech has gone on to play a total of 19 Thursday night games, the most of any ACC team. In addition, Tech has hosted more match-ups than anyone else (14 in all).

This year we welcome back the Hokies, who just got done losing to Boston College last Thursday night in a game that might single-handedly give Matt Ryan the Heisman Trophy. With Tashard Choice and R.Grant out for the game, it's going to be an interesting match-up to see how J.Evans and J.Dwyer buck up. It's probably going to take some elevated play by everyone on the team, including some stronger work in the passing game. However, Taylor Bennett is taking no prisoners.

(Taylor Bennett directs traffic at the line - "I'm going to be firing bullets, so you better get your vests on tight Bebe, Greg and James"............ While the guy in the picture may look like Robert Patrick, I'm sure it's actually Bennett.)

Speaking of Grant, I'm not sure I could possibly feel worse for a guy on this team. Grant just does his work, waits patiently, doesn't complain and is all about the team............ and yet has battled the injury bug since his senior year in high school. Some guys are just unlucky like that and some guys are just made like that. Their bodies just don't hold up (ask Grant Hill). I don't know which category he falls into. My sincere hope is that he's able to come back for the bowl game, and do something special in his last game.

From the VaTech perspective, it looks like VaTech's QB is going to be a game-time decision. Looks like some of the local media want to see a mobile guy with the Tenuta blitz on the way. My guess is that we'll see both Glennon and Taylor, so once again we have to get used to 2 very different types of QB's.
Whoever it is, it should be fun to watch. A little Tenuta blitz. Some future RB's showcased. Some Daddy Fat Sacks at halftime.................... and hopefully a Jacket victory.