Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's Buzzin'

Well folks - it's been a crazy week. I've been at home, shuttling kids back-and-forth to school / gymnastics / art / etc. Been keeping crazy sleep hours. Trying to help the wife rest and the new baby adjust to life "on the outside". Had major computer crash problems. Just been a crazy week. So with that, let me ramble on about a variety of topics:

Are you kidding me? 'Rio made the Hawks roster? If he manages to "stick" then his story now becomes even more inspiring. The GT chapter doesn't change. Rio came to Tech as a walk-on and earned a scholarship after Hewitt decided he was going to kill himself in practice showing what he could do. Turns out that wasn't for show - it's just what he does. Now he's doing it again, and in an even higher improbability actually made the cut on the Hawks roster. Mario and PJ Daniels are the type of guys that really define the student-athlete and standout in terms of what is right about college athletics.

Now, Paul Hewitt has had some pretty strong words about the guys he lost this season. He basically said that of all the guys he lost going into this season, Mario West is the one he will miss the most and worries about how to replace him. That's high praise for a walk-on who seem to average more steals than points during his career.

Keep it going Rio. Nice work

While Coach Hewitt landed talented Ill guard Iman Shumpert, he did strike out on another bigman, as Ralph Sampson III has evidently chosen to leave the confines of the ATL and play his college ball with Tubby Smith in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Say what?

I guess ice-ball is making a comeback. So Ralph, have you spent time in Minnesota in January? I have. That's why I'm in South Carolina.

So Coach Hewitt strikes out on another one of his top targets. It will be interesting to see what he pulls up his sleeve this time. Is there another International Man of Mystery that will pop up in this class? You have to wonder.

JC is playing some decent ball out there in LA, although he's only getting slim minutes. However, his mates are treating him like a true rookie. In his first exhibition game, the team "wanted" him to lead them out for warm-ups. He was excited. He ran out to mid-court to start the lay-up drill, running a proud trot, only to look back and see that he was the only guy who ran out. His mates were in the tunnel busting a gut.

You'll be finding out why soon, but our deep stable of running backs just might tested even further. Let's just say that some guys past the two-deep might get a chance to prove themselves next game.

Haven't had time for a detailed outlook for the hoops season, but this season really boil down to the following questions:

  1. Who will lead the point? Coach Hewitt teams depend on smart, physical, up-tempo PG play. Will Matt Causey or Mo Miller be that guy. We already hear that both these guys are more "pass first" guards than JC. That could be bode well, but PG remains the single biggest question on this team.
  2. Who will defend? Offense shouldn't be too big of a problem, but who is going to be the defensive catalyst? Who is going to to generate steals? JC and Rio were the top guys there. Are we going to be able to stop people?
  3. Can this team get over the mental hurdle of playing on the road. I know I know I know it's tough playing on the road. We'll hear all about it a lot from every coach this year - like we do every year. However, if we are going to make ANY serious impact, we've got to have the leadership and preparation and mental toughness to win on the road. Will they? Can they? Sure hope so.

There are many other questions, but these are really the most important questions in my opinion.

Well, that's a few quick hits. It's late and I'm going to be for a couple of hours before feeding time.

Night all.