Sunday, May 06, 2007

Street Cred or Just Embarrasing

Ok, it's one thing to have big-time rapper Outkast be a huge fan of your school. That is street cred if you ask me.

However, at what level of southern rapadociousness has your school become when a fictional student of your school is the subject of a duet between R.Kelly and Usher. It's true:

The singers' first duet, "Same Girl," hit the Internet Wednesday night. On the track, Kells and Ush find out they've been played. The record is in the form of a conversation between the two, during which the stars discover the truth and ultimately conspire to call the lady out on her lies.

Kelly starts off describing his fictitious girlfriend, who he is madly in love with and wants to marry. She lives in Atlanta, drives a black Durango and has a tattoo on her ankle. Usher then interjects, giving his own set of details about the woman: She works for TBS, has a child and went to Georgia Tech University. A stunned Pied Piper confirms everything, to Usher's dismay.

Of course R.Kelly's first draft was about about a 7th grader who convinced him to open up an ice cream parlor, but that's what collaboration is all about. You know, subtle changes...........

By the way - here's the song if you're interested.