Saturday, December 02, 2006

In Game Comments

Some in-game blogging for your pleasure:

- Slight drizzle - raining. no problem
- 1st drive looked solid. Reggie playing with confidence
- Tashard and the O-Line either very good or very bad. Some BIG holes and some BIG walls. Wake will occcasionally shift their entire line prior to the snap and it seemed to confuse our guys a bit
- Obviously planning on getting CJ involved early. Catches 2 slot passes and gets a pass interference on a bomb
- James Johnson WIDE open on a bomb and Reggie overthrew him. Nice speed from JJ
- Can't punch it in from the redzone - settled for a FG
- Nice work from the D on WF's 1st drive - forced a punt
- Michael Johnson forces a fumble, although WF recovers
- Jackets force another punt.
- The WF line shift on D causes a false start on the Jackets. Still struggling with that
- Wow, we're not going to be shy about tossing it downfield - deep miss for CJ again, then a deep toss to James Johnson for another pass interference call.
- 2nd reverse for Calvin Johnson, this time on 3rd-and-1, for a loss of 10 yards. Folks - why do we keep doing this? CJ is so long he can't turn a corner. NOT a good play. But when you constantly get criticized for not getting the ball to 21, these are the type things that happen.
- End of the quarter - Wake had -6 yards rushing. That's a nice number

2ND QUARTER...... 3-0 Jackets
- Nice defensive stand again. We'll get the ball back on our own 31
- Tech's running game slowing down a bit. It looks like Wake has decided that they will try and stop the run. That means lots of passes for Reggie. Probably not a bad strategy from Grobe.
- You know, Reggie is shifty quick. He runs for a 1st down. He's got more speed than people (including myself) give him credit for.
- James Johnson drops another catch-able ball from Reggie.
- Going for it on 4th - whoops - INT from Reggie with a 31 yard return. Reggie follows his receiver with his eyes the entire time. Didn't read the coverage at all.
- You can see why Riley Skinner will be a QB............. well, he's already there.
- Kenncy Scott makes two GREAT plays on that drive.................... K-Hall got cold-cocked on a wicked block. Something tells me he's going to want some payback for that one.
- Wake misses the field goal............ still 3-0 Jackets
- Ok, do we actually know how to complete a pass from 5-20 yards out? Don't think so. It's either quick hit to a guy on the line or deep. Nothing in between. Come on.
- You know Reggie's not really looking that great. He knows how to toss it up and let someone else make a play. Time for #1 to start making a play.
- Michael Johnson forces a fumble after getting blocked but some reason Vance Walker couldn't drop on it. Ahhhhhh. Still Wake's ball
- Wakes goes for it on 4th and 1............... makes it by a nose
- Wakes 3 best running plays are with Moore in at QB on the sneak and Skinner out. Time for an adjustment JT.
- Terrible personal foul call on Kenny Scott. Result - now they're 1st and goal
- Nice stand by the Jackets - nice play by K-Scott to prevent the TD.
- Wake settles for a FG. We're even 3-3 folks.
- One minute in the half, we have the ball, and we're going to run the clock out. Frustrating. Why - well, when your QB ain't throwing a good ball you DON'T want to give it back to them. However, I have to tell you, I don't like it. That's playing NOT to lose, not playing TO WIN.
- Now Reggie Ball is hurt from the QB draw. Great............. or maybe GREAT!!! Maybe we'll see another QB? No way - you know Reggie will be back. Count on it.

- Well, the little things are going to win this game, and Adamm Oliver just made a BIG one. Personal foul and instead of 4th and long, it's 1st down Wake. That hurts. That hurts. That hurts.............. well the defense holds anyhow.
- Well, Jackets go for it at the 10 yard line but come up short. Have to give them some props for trying, but honestly, it didn't look like a well organized play. A bit of choas in the huddle............. easy to look back now and say we should have taken 3 but oh well. But not a bad gamble. Bad Wake field position.
- NOTE to Patrick Nix - not exactly making a name for yourself calling plays today.
- I think it's about time to start letting Choice do his thing. Let's grand out a couple of TD's PN.
- 3rd and 3 - another deep ball - another pass interference - 3rd one of the game. 1st down.
- Did I just see what I saw? CJ dropped a ball? An easy one? He did. Not a good omen.
- Reggie continuing to look beat up
- Reggie has completed 7 passes - 6 to CJ. Of course CJ has had one drop and JJ one drop.
- Another abberation - a 3rd and long pass over the middle for Reggie Ball. See something new every week
- Going for it on 4th AGAIN. Had all day to throw and thres to the wrong guy. Going for it all again. Looks like Chan stopped playing to lose.
- ok, starting to get frustrated. The defense is absolutely keeping us in this thing and the offense cannot punch it through. We're gaining yardage, but it's haphazard and penalty aided. But nothing in the redzone. Let's go guys!!
- James Johnson gets led deep over the middle and gets crushed. Hanging throw. Poor JJ has taken some abuse the last two weeks............. and he looks hurt now.......... clock............... cleaned.
- Holy cow. We completed a deep pass to CJ

- Ok, here's my hope - it's Choice time. It's time to let Tashard Choice ground out a victory. Reggie hasn't done it, but Tashard seems to be gaining consistent yardage. The guy has 20 carries for 100 yards - let's ride that horse.
- Ok - we got the FG - 6-3 Jackets. Smart move this time. HOWEVER, it's time for the defense to KEEP doing what they've done all game. DON'T LET UP!!!!!
- NICE STAND D!!!! They hold firm and force a Wake punt.
- Well another INT - a great adjustment in mid-air from CJ, but deflected and Wake INT. WHY DO WE KEEP GOING LONG!!!!! DO WE HAVE NO FAITH IN OUR ABILITY TO MOVE THE CHAINS!!!! COME ON!!!!
- Big 3rd and 10 and the D gives up a long pass for a 1st down. The D-Line even with the blitz couldn't get pressure - 39 yards later.............
- The defense holds, but Wake does get a field goal

Jackets 6 Wake Forest 6 - 9 minutes to go

- Please oh please give Tashard Choice a chance to win this thing. Please........... pretty.
- Nice pass to CJ, 1st down
- CJ now has 117 yards................ of course it's not over
- We just WON'T give the ball to Choice on 2nd down. Come on!!!!
- Man, there has been more psas interference in this game than I've seen in a long time - mostly by Wake.
- Jackets forced to punt. Great punt but goes into the endzone
- Oh man, the secondardy just gives up a HUGE play downfield. Guy was double covered but still beat both guys.
- Field Goal - Wake now leads 9-6.
- Here's the problem. We won't let Tashard win it, we'll let Reggie try not to lose it. I'm not feeling good about right now.
- Gee what a surprise - a long bomb to nobody
- What the heck kind of playcalling is this?
- Well, punting with 2:13 on the clock. Will we see the ball again?
- Does it matter?

Nope, it doesn't matter. The Jackets make it all the way to their goal and the offense just cannot do anything to win the game. It's going to be a tough month until bowl time.......................

TRY TO BE KIND IN YOUR FRUSTRATION. Don't put trash on the site. Show class please.

CONGRATS TO A GREAT TEAM in Wake Forest - Cinderella has arrived................ Congrats to Georgia Tech for another valliant that fell short. We know you'll be hurting more than any fan will be.

GO JACKETS!!!!!!!!