Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hoops - One-and-Done Article

A Washington Post article on the one year of college rule for elite hoops talent and the potential impact on the game. There are a bunch of Paul Hewitt quotes:

After Georgia Tech lost to Miami on Dec. 3, Hewitt watched a tape of the game and charted the number of times the Yellow Jackets passed the ball after Miami scored compared with the number after a Miami miss. The results shocked Javaris Crittenton, Hewitt's freshman point guard who also starts and averages 13.9 points. When the Hurricanes missed, Crittenton executed the offense with poise. When they scored, he rushed the ball back down court.

"He had this mentality of, 'I got to get back down the court and score as quickly as I can,' " Hewitt said. "If we're in a deficit for a longer period of time, it's like we get penalized or something."