Monday, November 17, 2008

Tech / Georgia Kickoff set for Noon

(Image Courtesy Rob Skinner)

As many of you already know/are enraged about, the kickoff for GT vs. UGA is set for noon on Nov. 29. This is relatively unsurprising, since CBS releases a tentative pre-season TV schedule every year, and they listed our game as noon back then.

Thanksgiving weekend, CBS has the rights to both Tech/Georgia and the good ol' Urrn Bowl (Iron Bowl, for the Southern-phonetically challenged). A game featuring both the #1 team in the country and one of the most vicious rivalries in college football is a pretty thrilling TV draw, so it was fully expected they'd get the later/better time slot.

So what's the good news? First off, Coach Johnson said on his radio show a couple weeks ago that he prefers earlier games. I don't know the reasons why (if he said them and I forgot, please throw it in the comments), but he even said something like "If they'd let us play at 8 AM, I'd love to do that." I trust Coach, so if he likes the noon slot, I'll try to be happy about it.

Also, since it's Thanksgiving weekend, the noon scheduling is a bit more forgiving than on your average weekend. Lots of people will have Thurs/Fri off, so taking it easy Friday and heading up really early on Saturday is a little more do-able... Or you can do like me and head to Athens Friday.


P.S. For anyone who's wondering "Who is Jeff?", I wrote the now-defunct GT blog "Ramblin' Racket," and volunteered to help keep GTSB going strong while Scott's on hiatus. My style's a bit different than what you're used to here, but I hope to help keep GT Sports Blog the premiere unofficial place for all your GT news and content. You'll be hearing from me a good bit in the coming weeks. Go Jackets!