Saturday, April 17, 2004

Reports from the scrimmage

Being an out-of-towner, I was mowing my grass today, but here are some reports from the boards about the scrimmage today:

1. Most people said that Patrick Carter clearly outplayed Reggie Ball today. Carter had a much better touch on his passes, showing good skills with the fade pass and short outs as well. Ball evidently was solid early, but still floating a few jpasses and ran around an awful lot. Ball finished 9-16 for 116 yards, while Carter was 5-11 for 117 yards.
2. Also making a good showing at QB was Taylor Bennett, showing good touch and a tight spiral
3. PJ Daniels looked good in limited snaps, with 74 yards and a TD
4. Chris Woods the good - showed some breakaway speed with a 53 yard dash and score in the 1st half, finishing with 73 yards
5. Chris Woods the bad - fumbled at least once. R.Grant fumbled once on his very first carry.
6. Eric Henderson was the man on defense today, causing all kinds of problems for the offense
7. The punting game is still not in order yet. One nice 50+ yarder, but a bunch of short ones also
8. Nat Curry looked very good at wide receiver, although he did not have a strong cover guy on him

The scrimmage pitted mostly 1st team O with the 1st team D, although there was some switching to test players.

Didn't seem to be any serious injuries - a few guys got banged up like Eric Henderson and D-Bilbo, but nothing serious.

Here's one report on the game........... Here's an AJC version of the game.