Monday, April 19, 2004

Props for J.Jack

Well, Jarrett Jack has said he is coming back to GT for his junior season. But check this out - ESPN Insiders top PG's. Jack is at #4 on the list, only behind Shaun Livingston, Ben Gordon and Devin Harris. They have him ahead of Sebastian Telfair, Jameer Nelson and Chris Duhon........... So why is ranked so high? Well, my guess is that this list is based on potential and size. Jack's potential is as good as anyone of the list, but then you throw on the fact that he is 6'3" with a big strong body and there is a lot to like. Make no mistake - he is probably our best NBA prospect right now. Again, Jack has told the staff he will return. Let's hope he does not change his mind.

You can also click on other positions and note that R.Morris is shown as the #7 center on the list.

In NBA draft news, one recruiting "insider", Kurt O'Neill, reported on the radio that Luol Deng is going pro - nothing confirmed - could be one of those famous internet rumors. If that is true, and S.Livingston declares out of high school, Duke will be seriously weakened next season - start crying in your beers. Over at Chapel Hill, UNC fans are praying that this drops JR Smith, their hot recruit down another spot in the draft and convinces him to go to school - fat chance........... Of course, by reading this article, it leads you to believe that parents selling out their children is alive and well. Based on that, JR wants to go to school, but his dad sees dollar signs in his eyes. Another 7 footer, Colorado junior David Harrison, has announced his intentions to enter the draft, probably dropping Smith even another spot. Stay tuned.

For some REALLY long-term recruiting, check out this profile of Curtis Kelly - evidently he has some strong interest in GT, and is probably a heavy UNC lean - of course he is also a sophomore in high school, so let's not get too wrapped up in this one.