Friday, April 16, 2004

More on Morris

Well, the speculation is really heating up now. Let me re-cap what people are saying:

- An article that came out yesterday quoted Morris's father as saying the NBA is OUT. It will be GT or UK.
- UK insiders believe he is UK bound, and have not wavered much on that position in the last few weeks.
- Bob Gibbons, a national recruiting analyst, has said it was down to GT and the NBA
- A handul of GT people who claim to have "inside contacts" say he is GT bound for sure. However, their credibility is completely unknown
- RamblinRed, who is probably the most credible GT poster on hoops has said he doesn't know and believes the NBA is a stronger option than we have been led to believe.

Meanwhile, one of the subplots has been the availability of 'ships over at UK. The GT 'ship situation became clear when Jim Nystrom headed back to Europe. Over at UK, news just came out that recruit Adam Williams has agreed to attend prep school for one year (story here), which basically gets them in compliance with the 5/8 rule. However that is BEFORE Morris. So it is not clear if they would qualify for the 5/9 exemption that allows one additional player is someone leaves early but is in good academic standing.

What is clear is that a decision will not occur until May. Stay tuned.

On another note, it looks like at least one of UNC's recruits will go to school this season - Marvin Williams (story here)............ Also, it is confirmed that David Padgett will transfer out of Kansas - his finalists were UNC, AZ and Standford originally. And remember who recruited him to Kansas - Roy Williams. Here is another story on that.