Sunday, December 07, 2003

Recruiting Update - Jeremis Smith

As mentioned earlier, Jeremis's Dunbar team outlasted Seaoville and apparently Jeremis took over at the end to outplay Lamarcus Aldridge, a 6'11" propect who has verballed to Texas but decided to wait until spring, when he might go pro. While I did not see the game, check out these comments about Jeremis from some people who saw the game:

- "Wiz it was a really good game...seagoville was ahead by 7 with less than 2 minutes and then jeremis went to work...If I remember correctly we went ahead with a little over (or under) a minute to go when jeremis was fouled on a dunk but seagoville went right down and lamarcus had an alley-oop...but the boys came down and J was fouled again...seagoville came down but was called for charging...then fouled one of the guards from the bench (can't remember his name)...he missed both free throws and seagoville had a change with like 10 secs left...go down the court fast and went in to lamarcus but big Jeremis THREW HIS STUFF out of bounds...a little over a second left...seagoville threw it in to lamarcus who though up a shot that did not fall! dunbar wins!!! That's about how I remember it..."

- "Jeremis is a bad man!"

- "People always talk about Lamarcus and how NBA scouts are looking at him. Everytime they play though J(eremis) has great games. Two 37 point outings last year and this fall. Im not sure how many he had in this one but I heard he played great. Dont get me wrong though Lamarcus is good and Im defintely not going to take anything away from him. Couple of facts that yall might not know. When we were in the eight grade Lamarcus played for the Arlington Hornets which is the same team that J(eremis) played for. We have been knowing him for a long time. He was like 6'9 in the 8th grade but he was not that good. Saw him play this summer when I went to watch J(eremis) in the Global Games. He has come a LONG WAY. I still think though 2 more inches on J(eremis) and there would be talks about him going to the league too. He is not that tall but plays like it. Has good games against the big guys (Ken Perkins, Lamarcus). I dont wanna Jinx my boy but Im thinking 2 years at Ga Tech and he'll be ready for the big time. Whether or not he comes out will be his decision. He'll be ready though"

Here is a fairly unbiased recap of the game:

- This was truly a great game between two great basketball teams. LaMarcus Aldridge had a brilliant game going for 27 on an assortment of jump hooks and moves in the paint. Jeremis got in early foul trouble picking up his 3rd with 3 minutes left in the first half. Dunbar lost a 5 point lead with 3 minutes left in the half and trailed by 3 at the break.
The second half looked to be going S-Ville's way as well. Ryan Boyd nailed 3 killer threes he had four in the game. His last 3, gave Seagoville a seemingly safe 57-50 lead with 2 and a half minutes left. Dunbar went to Jeremis Smith and got two nice three point plays including an and-1 dunk. Chris Evans had two follow-ups inside, the last giving Dunbar a one-point lead. Jeff Muriel (also had two big 3's in the second half) hit both foul shots and Seagoville countered with an Aldridge bucket to cut the Dunbar lead to one with 20 seconds left. Senior guard Ashley Sneed (in for Dominique Williams who had leg cramps) was fouled and missed both Ft's, and barely missed grabbing the rebound as it rolled out of bounds. Seagoville got the ball in to LA on the last play in a man to man look but Aldridge's turn-around jumper was blocked by Jeremis Smith with 2 seconds to play. Aldridge was forced to shoot a 25 footer as time ran out that was well off to the right.
Just a great basketball game.