Friday, October 17, 2003

Will Tech's up-tempo style scare away Randolph Morris?

Check out this article about KY's march madness and the details about Randolph Morris, out most sought after recruit right now. Interesting comment though:

Bartley said a team that emphasizes inside play will attract Morris. "He wants to be on a team that plays inside-out, where he'll get some touches and develop as a player," he said. "Duke, for example, shoots a lot of three-pointers and plays outside-in, so that's not really the place for him."

Now, check out Zam Frederick's comments on why he liked the Tech system:

Georgia Tech runs an offense which Fredrick said is similar to what Calhoun County plays. “He runs a motion offense where everybody gets touches,� Buck Fredrick said. “You get opportunities and you’ve got to make the best out of the opportunities when you get them.�

So, will Hewitt's motion offense satisfy Morris's need to play an inside-out game, not an outside-in? It sure looks like our game this year will be outside-in, with the loss of Bosh and Nelson. Can Hewitt convince Morris of his role and growth on the team? Hopefully looking at getting Bosh to the 4th pick in the draft should help. However, it does look like a little bit of gray area. But then, what do I know?? I'm just a hack fan.