Saturday, October 18, 2003

Re-cap of UK march madness from a UK fan that was there

Why should it matter to Tech fans about UK March Madness? Well. mainly because Tech's #1 priority high school recruit is Randolph Morris and he was there also. Check out this post on the UK board for a re-cap of the evening along with comments about Morris:

Key comment: Randolph Morris was there with someone (I think it might have been his brother or something). He seemed to be very quiet and sat a couple of rows above the Crawford family. He didn't seeme as intrigued by the whole thing as Crawford did... even though Crawford wasn't exactly standing and cheering all night.

From the little bit that I saw tonight, I'd say Joe enjoyed himself and Randolf was neutral. I know that MM isn't going to be the only thing these recruits consider when making their final decision, so I hope that the rest of the visit went well.