Friday, September 23, 2005

Sorry to disappoint you...

...but Scott is out of pocket for the weekend. So instead of thoughtful, articulate and fact supported commentary from Scott, you get his much less mature friends posting this weekend. Just wait til the beer is flowing and the game is tight tomorrow afternoon. I think we can all be pretty sure that he will forbid us from posting after this.

Lets start by giving Scott his props. He is taking time to strengthen his already healthy marriage by spending a quality weekend with his wife. What is even more amazing to me is that he ACTUALLY TOLD US WHY HE WOULD NOT BE POSTING THIS WEEKEND. Amazing. If I was going away on a marriage retreat this weekend, I certainly would not tell anyone. In fact I would probably lie, "Oh, I missed the game because I got that viral meningitis. Its going around, you know." But that is Scott for you - a better man than I am. Tells us the truth without, as my friend Lennie would say, going all Iron John on us.

On to the game, which is arguably the biggest for Georgia Tech since 1990, at least according to Walt and the AJC. I actually think it is not quite as big as that FSU game in 1999 (I actually thought we would win that one - which means you should just stop reading about what I think right now). I think we are double digit underdogs Saturday. In a way that is good, because I think we play better as underdogs. But given that the degenerate gamblers, excuse me, I mean the gaming community, thinks we have no shot, what cause for optimism is there? I can think of a few:

1.We have more talent at running back and tailback that any Tech team I can remember. In fact I do not think any Tech team ever has had this much talent at WR and RB at the same time (feel free to comment if you think I am wrong).

2. We have probably have the best Georgia Tech D since 1990.

3.The game is not at night. Lane Stadium is a really tough place to play in any case, but at night it is a nut house. At least with a 3:30 start, the yahoos of Southwestern Virginia only have a few hours, rather than an entire day, to chug moonshine in the acres of cow pasture that surround the campus. When NCSU beat them in Bleaksburg last year, it was a noon start. I do not think that was a coincidence.

So the scenario for Tech to pull out the win is for the defense to deny big plays, PJ to grind out tough yards to control the clock and keep the crowd quiet, and the QB to throw a few balls at CJ and Bilbo to keep the defense honest. If we do not make any mistakes in the kicking game, I see could us winning, say, 9-7. Something that would look like a mid-December NFC east match-up between the Eagles and Giants, circa 1994.

Obviously, some things could go wrong. If they stack their D to stop the run, our relatively young and light o-line could have some problems. Additionally, we can not afford any special teams mistakes, which is scary since under Beamer they have been very good at forcing those. And, of course, this kid Vick could very well turn out to be the real deal (at something legal, anyway) - but we do not know that for sure yet.

This scenario also requires mistake free play from the QB. And while we are on that subject, big props to Taylor Bennett. The guy got no snaps with the first team offense last week, and went out and won a game for us. I am sure we all would have liked to see a few more completions out of him, but the guy threw 0 picks, and managed the game very well. Reggie has made huge strides this off season, but it is hard to imagine anyone playing at their best after what he just went through. Unless Chan is just blowing smoke so VPI does no't know what to prepare for, it will be interesting to see who starts under center, and how much they play. If everything else works, I think we can win regardless of who plays at QB. But if a few things go wrong, then Reggie or Taylor have to make some big plays for us to have a chance. Reggie is probably more likely to be able to do that.

On a personal note, I would really like to see Tech win this game. A number of my relatives went to VPI, so during the second quarter of the game last year *someone* downed a few too many Miller lights and made some harassing phone calls to said relatives. Then all of a sudden Reggie is running out of the end zone, and the secondary is, again as my friend Lennie would put it, collapsing like a bad lung. Suffice it to say the harassing phone calls then started to flow in the opposite direction.