Monday, December 20, 2004

Is the hoop half full or half empty?

Thoughts from Bryan:

Early Sunday morning, as dissapointed as I was about the loss, I was very glad Coach Hewitt scheduled the trip to Las Vegas. Going across the country to play a tough opponent at a weird time is great tournament prep.

No doubt that it brought me back to earth a little, however. Still thinking of the final four and the gaudy blowouts of UGa and Michigan, I had forgotten that last year's team went 9-7 in the ACC. The fact that it was bookended by two great tournament runs made it easy to forget that there were many times last year when our half court offense wasn't exactly smooth.

Which describes the first ten minutes of the second half Sunday morning. We looked really confused by Gonzaga's zone, and made some bad passes. Clearly, if you're an ACC coach scouting Tech, you're number one goal is to force the Jackets into a half court game and take your chances there. Matching last year's win total will be tough, even though this Tech team is good.

But the hoop is definitely half full in this case. There's still a lot of basketball to be played, and here's no doubt that playing a very good Gonzaga team is better prep for the ACC season than playing weaker non-conference opponent. There's also plenty to build on from the game as well, especially Bynum's performance. I have no doubt that the guys will be ready for Kansas, and won't look past Lafayette and Charleston Southern.