Monday, September 20, 2004 weighs in

From Stewart Mandel's on line column:

"4. Is there a more wildly up-and-down team in the country than Georgia Tech? A week after pulling out a dramatic win at then 20th-ranked Clemson, in which QB Reggie Ball showed the beginnings of something special, the Jackets were waxed by previously dreadful North Carolina, 34-13. A Tar Heels defense that had allowed 94 points and nearly 1,000 yards in their first two games picked off Ball three times -- their first interceptions in 11 games -- and held him to 12-of-29 passing for 164 yards. The performance echoes a trend dating back to last year, when Chan Gailey's team beat the likes of Auburn, N.C. State and Maryland and nearly upset Florida State, while also managing to lose 41-17 to Duke, 39-3 to Clemson and 24-13 to BYU."

I disagree with Stewart about one thing; this trend goes back a lot further than last year. BC in '98 and Wake in '99 come to mind. Even UNC in '90.