Thursday, September 30, 2004

Recruiting Rankings

Per and, PJ is doubtful for Miami. Regardless of what this means for Tech Saturday, the situation provides an interesting commentary on the rating services that evaluate players coming out of high school.

Daniels will be replaced in the lineup by Chris Woods. Woods is a transfer from D-IAA Morris Brown. Apprently he'll start ahead of Reshaun Grant, a red shirt freshman from Tampa. Various recruiting services ranked Grant the 2nd, 13th, or 16th best running back in the nation coming out of high school. So we have a guy who presumably (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) didn't get a D-IA offer out of high school beating out a guy who was a consensus national top 20 player at his position. Ideally, this is a sign of Woods being a talented but underrated athlete and hard worker. Hopefully Grant, with a litttle experience, will be ready to start by the time he's junior or senior.

It may also be a sign that as fans we shouldn't get carried away with the "grades" that the experts give our recruiting classes.