Monday, September 20, 2004

Help me out here

I did not see or listen to the game, just caught updates on, and there are some puzzling things on the stat sheet.

Two huge problems, Reggie's 3 picks and UNC's rushing. Were the three picks tipped balls or bad decisions by Reggie?

How did Jacque Lewis get 161 yards on 16 carries? That's 10 ypc! Even if he had pulled off one big 80 yarder, he still would have averaged 5.4 ypc on the rest of his carries. So he must have just torn us up. What happened, were there big gaping holes for him to run through or was this a superlative individual effort on his part?

At the same time, though, the stat sheet makes it look like we had a good day running the ball. Daniels, Woods & Grant combined had 145 yards, with 5.1 ypc. That's pretty good, especially considering we were behind and presumably throwing the whole 4th quarter. Yet someone posted on the tag board that our O-line couldn't open holes. Was that just bitter ranting or are the run stats deceiving?

If anybody who saw the game has any comments, I'd really appreciate them.