Sunday, November 23, 2003

All time great Tech centers

All this talk of Luke prompts me to wonder where he rates compared with Tech's other centers. I'm not sure we've had a lot of talented players at the 5 spot. To wit, my "Top 5 Tech Centers Since the Cremins Era"

1. Yvan Joseph. Ever seen that "Best of Georgia Tech" video they used to sell at the bookstore? In it, Bobby describes how he saw Yvan walking around the campus and convinced him to walk on. He also comments that, "I figured anybody from Haiti who wanted to be an engineer had to be a winner." Not making that up. Anyway, if you ever see that '85 ACC tournament final on ESPN Classic, watch Joseph in the second half. He had some big rebounds and big free throws.
2. Matt Geiger. Sure we all complained, but he also got an ACC tournament title and then played 10 years in the NBA. He also had maybe the most exciting assist in Tech history when he lobbed it to Forrest against USC in '92. We just have to pretend that those missed free throws against Memphis in the next game didn't happen.
3. Alvin Jones. Solid post player and a true center.
4. Eddie Elisma (can you see where I'm going with this?)
5. Ummm...James Munlyn?
Yeah, I know we had some great, tough post players like Mackey & Hammonds, and role players like Johnny McNeill, Maurice Brittain, and Ivano Newbill. Salley was great, but I think he was more a 4 than a 5. Same goes for Collier and Bosh.
Even if I left someone out, this clearly this isn't a Lew Alcindor to Bill Walton to Mark Eaton type situation. But we've still had some great teams. The key for us is talented players in the backcourt. Between Jack, Elder, and Bynum, we should have that. I think that what we really need is someone to get the tough rebounds and a few garbage baskets. That may or may not be Luke. But either way, the key for us is strong backcourt play.