Monday, December 20, 2004

Bowled over

Thoughts from Bryan:

Usually I approach Bowl games with mixed emotions. Excitement about watching Tech play, dissapointment at the prospect it being the last Tech football game for 9 months. But three of those months will be occupied watching the hoops team, so I can't complain too much.

This game, though, is about as interesting as a game between two 6-5 teams can get. Plenty of intrigue on the Tech side. Who plays at QB and for how much? Is Bilbo auditioning for the job next year? Will Reggie bounce back from his less than cerebral endgame performance against UGa? Will we try to sneak Taylor Bennett in the game by putting him in Pat Carter's jersey - OK I'm going a little overboard now.

Also some intrigue at the RB position; is PJ completely healthy? How about the O-line? Our last 2 opponents had some success disrupting our offense by blitzing right up the middle. Surely Syracuse noticed this; will our O-line adjust if they see it a third time?

Defensively we should be in pretty good shape. Although I'd hate to see Tenuta leave, it won't hurt if he's at his best trying to impress prospective employers.

On the Syracuse side, they're 6-5 but won a share of the Big East title. Wow.

I'm probably wildly optimistic, but I think PJ will bounce back in a big way. Playing with a lead, the defense will tee off. The seniors go out in style and Tech wins 27-3.